Paul Ilsley is Emeritus Professor from Northern Illinois and Docent at the University of Helsinki. He is also a visiting professor at the University of Tallinn and consultant with the Fulbright Center, Suomen akatemia, the United States Department of State and the EU Academy of Science. He has served as professor of adult education, educational research, and phenomenology for 32 years at Northern Illinois and Syracuse Universities. He also works on editorial review boards of two scientific journals, and two publishing companies, reviewing manuscripts. He has authored, co-authored, or edited 14 books and 200 articles, monographs and chapters and delivered over 1,500 speeches or workshops to political, educational, professional, religious, criminal justice, military, grass roots, governmental and social groups, mostly on topics related to citizenship, social learning and anticipatory and participatory planning. He believes more doctoral students should graduate.

Marianna Vivitsou is doctoral scholar at the Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki, and researcher at Cicero Learning Network, University of Helsinki. Her research and academic interests include cyber cultures and digital education. Marianna is a strong believer in the role of public education as space promoting equity, active citizenship and social change toward the eradication of digital and other forms of divides, inequalities and discrimination.