5.3 Introductions and Orientations
Introduction of the Instructional Team
Orientation to Adobe Connect
Discussion of social media and your use of it in research
Using Facebook to your benefit
Discussion of the syllabus
Introduction of participants

Assignment during the class
In the “Chat” section of Connect, give us your name and offer a few comments about yourself, such as your research interests, your workplace, or your goals. Please be brief. We will provide the full list to everyone through email.

7.3- What is data analysis?
Linking the state of dissertation research in Europe and North America with data analysis approaches
Placing data analysis in context of research tasks in both inductive and deductive traditions
Current trends in qualitative research.

Assignment: Personal Skill Assignment #1
Determine the data analysis approaches of three dissertations that focus on topics similar to yours.
Describe the success of those approaches. No more than five pages.

Social media activity: TBD

12.3- Data Analysis Techniques
How to find them and how to use them
Why use one approach rather than another? What are the choices?

Assignments: Personal Skill Assignment #2
Describe your dissertation topic and the data analysis aspect of the research, in a half page.
Email your response to both Paul and Marianna by 11.3.

Read the suggested readings.

Social media activity: TBD

14.3- The Role of a Researcher’s Philosophy in the Data Analysis Process
How does one’s culture shape the way data are analyzed?
How does one’s individual outlook on life influence how data are treated?
What is the role of autoethnographic insight and how do researchers keep their convictions in check?

Assignments: Personal Skill Assignment #3
How do your experiences shape the way you hope to present your conclusions?
What key experiences influence the way you view your topic?
Name key critical events that shaped the way you will analyze data?
Three to five pages. Use references.

Read about the importance of, and how to maintain, a research journal.
Read about autoethnography as a research approach.

Social media activity: TBD