Possibilities for Experiencing the Digital

Reflecting Like in a Journal or Blogging

    Pathways and Sidetracks
    • Some brave subject teachers and the challenge of interdisciplinarity by Essi I Aarnio-Linnanvuori Dec 19, 2016
      It is no news for anyone in the field of environmental education that learning environmental and sustainability issues requires interdisciplinary understanding. On the contrary, the bullet point requiring interdisciplinary environmental education ...
    • How to choose a right kind of giant? by Essi I Aarnio-Linnanvuori Nov 4, 2013
      In research, one of the important places of decission is to decide whom to cite. They say that in research we stand on the shoulders of giants. But which giants are the most steady for my research? Should I cite … Continue reading →
    • Being a tool by Essi I Aarnio-Linnanvuori Oct 31, 2013
      The qualitative research process is somewhat confusing for someone coming originally from the hard sciences. How come research is subjective? Where are the numbers, how many said this and how many thought that? Where are the hypotheses? What is th...

    Creating and Sharing content

    by Elena Elliniadou : ‘Redefining human, redefining youth’
    #EDCMOOCweek3 Redefining human, redefining youth. Where does this lead? Do Digital natives have the answer?

    by Eleni Bousia (Ophelia Hamlet) :
    A Quick Wondering about an Element Responds To Your highness in seconds= QWERTY

    #EDCMOOC week 3

    by m@rianna : 'Eve, apple, worlds divided, blurred- Identity intact? No more.'
    Eve, apple, worlds divided, blurred- Identity intact? No more.

    by m@rianna : On early spring ‘boldness'

    by m@rianna : ‘Faith revisited'

    A mixture of visual and audio. To get the voice message click on ‘expand’ or refresh and repeat.

    Sharing Content with closed group members

    by Jaana Tamm : 'What’s on the plate?'


    by Kirsi Neuvonen : Puheen polku

    Puheen polku.png

    Curation of Resources

    Week 1 & 2. Summary. Visual, sound, text: experience on the Web

    Sharing through voice, image and text