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N. Negroponte on learning by themselves

In the post-racial era

Racism in a Neoliberal Age: an interview with Alana Lentin

'What is under attack is what has been described as the ‘multiculturalism of fact’ – the lived multicultural experience.
The fact that people from different backgrounds live together is under attack and it is being done
under the guise of statements saying state multiculturalism has failed.' A. Lentin
I recommned this article for all of you to read! Intresting enough those of you who have followed the Finnish media and the "maybe first racial killing in Oulu, Finland" this is a perfect example of a silence or hiding of a racial motivation. The first comment from the police was that there was no racial motivation behind the murder although they had simply no evidence to say that. Dr. Jonathan hadley wrote very good article about in the Helsinki Times:
There have been other crimes in Finland, but the victims background is not reported so we do not actually know about the crimes with racist motivation. Media is fast though to report the background of the criminal or at least to decribe the signs of "foreign background", as they report it, and when they report about the crimes.

This comment is by: Heidi Layne:)
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About Race as 'floating signifier',
Lecture by S. Hall, Professor of Sociology, OU, UK

On Education: Teaching & Gardening by Sir K. Robinson
(Personally I find Z. Bauman's metaphor of casting and drawing anchors instead of
pulling & putting down roots very challenging : }} )
So here is the video ...

and the article quoting Bauman's (2009) metaphor... >

Teachers Teaching in the New Mediascape: digital immigrants or ‘natural born cyborgs’?
by Adams & Pente, 2011